Las Vegas Psychic Entertainer, radio audiences voted her “COSMIC CLUB “daily radio talk show: #1 for two years straight then she expanded the show to Los Angeles, Ca. Alysia and her business partner Austin Barnett owned the Las Vegas Hypnosis Center for five years. During this time Alysia entertained audiences at special performances at the Sands Casino, Four Queens, and the Imperial Palace. The only psychic licensed to perform at the Las Vegas Convention Centers. 

Co-founder of the research project STAR SEED SEARCH this exciting project that entailed Hypnosis to large audiences seeking information about lost time, answering questions, could you have roots from the Stars? This project opened the door to many U.F.O. investigations in Nevada and Arizona.

My Psychic Readings always use the ancient art of the Tarot cards. The symbols of the Tarot cards were painted in the ancient pyramids of the Pharaohs and have been passed down for generations. I use the symbols, my intuition, Spirit Guides and your Angels to give you an in depth reading of current events and your immediate future.

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Contacting the Spirit world receiving information from the other side of the veil. Often family members desire to know if their loved ones are happy and at peace on the other side. Channeling information from Spirit Guides, often this is the first contact a client has with their special beings, I will give you the name of this special being and how they can guide you in your personal life.

Alysia logged twenty one thousand psychic reading by phone in a three year period. Several police agencies have used her talents to investigate crimes. A million dollar art robbery in Ca. was solved when Alysia described how the burglers looked, and the next jewel robbery they were planning, she could see the store and the date. What a surprise the police were waiting.

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$100 per Hour


Father send me your children that need my assistance!​

I am an ordained minister and spiritual teacher. Do you need help with relationships, career goals, hidden talents, dream analysis, weight loss or financial problems? If so, I can help you!


I can provide you with answers to questions such as; Who am I? Where am I going? What is my mission in life? When will the right love of your life appear? Relationship questions like: Are we TWIN FLAMES that will last until death do us part or is it an ancient karmic bond that we are working on?

ARE YOU AN ENTREPRENEUR and are needing help developing your DREAMI do the majority of my work with businesses, career changes and business development. What type of business/career is best suited for me? Should I have partners? What is the right time to buy/sell, hire/fire, relocate and more!


I can help with fearful questions that are on people’s minds today... Will I lose my job?  Will I lose my home?  Will my family be safe and secure?

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